Feng Shui House - Best Tips and Colors

Feng Shui Cats

Animals are the best way to experience good Feng Shui. Animals have the ability to sense things that humans don’t. Pets are particularly sensitive to the energies around our home and surrounding environment. Observe your pet, they can give you an idea of how Ch’i is working in your home. Almost all cats and dogs know what room and what area of the room they do best in. Their health and their character reflect the energy of the house and the people living in it.

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How to Bring the Powerful Earth Feng Shui Element to your Home

Strong and well-balanced earth feng shui elements in the house will help achieve stability and security. Earth is the element of the center of your home and the feng shui element of Southwest and Northeast. Earth feng shui element colors are beige, yellow and other earth or sand colors such as brown.

There are feng shui products and popular décor items that articulate best the earth feng shui element. The best way to bring the powerful earth feng shui element to your home is with the use of these feng shui décor items and products to the Southwest, Northeast, Center, West and Northwest of your home and not on the South and North feng shui areas.

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Rustic Bunks

Bunk beds in natural wood are a good way to give any bedroom a naturally rustic feel to it.  Make each weekend vacation and slumber party really comfy and homey with rustic bunk beds.

Bunk beds give the ideal accent to any house, cabin, camp or lodge in the woods. Sturdy construction and superior materials make these beds perfect lodge and cabin furniture.

Why is these different types of bunks so attractive is that they are simple to set up and maintain.

Rustic Bunks Rustic Bunks

Feng Shui and Travel Tips

Every time you take a trip,  do you hate over sleeping a new bed in odd room in a distant location? It does not need to be this way. Feng shui travel tips to the rescue! Let’s imagine you are planning a pleasure or business getaway soon. Even when the location isn’t full of beneficial energy, there are steps you can take with all the concepts of feng shui to enhance the matter enabling you the entire advantage of what the resort/hotel offers. Decide to travel in a more enjoyable way and you will not go back more exhausted that when you left initially.

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It may not be apparent but an effective journey usually starts and comes to an end in your own home therefore a bit pre-emptive focus on your behalf creates an excellent journey as well as an easy come back. No matter if you are aware of it or not, you are closely bound to your house and the energy in it will go together with you on the journey. (more…)

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors, Mirrors and Plants

Not many people understand what Feng shui is, or that’s been used in China for more than Two thousand years. For many who do, that art seeps the whole environment of the living areas, delivering comfort and ease and tranquillity to their lives. Feng shui interpreted signifies, “wind and water,” however the use of its concepts is really as different as the individuals who perform that discipline. Are you considering arraigning the bedroom using these concepts in your mind? Do you want to know what Feng shui room colours work favourably on the spiritual power? Do you need some information to Feng shui vegetation, and a Feng shui reflection which will enhance the actual concepts? You’ll need to see these inspiring tips about the greatest bedroom.

Bedroom colours

The bedroom is the single room of the home that you’ll spend probably the most of your time in. It’s a location which will impact your wellbeing and health, furthermore becoming personal environment for the serenity and tranquillity. The colours which you decide for the bedroom need to represent beneficially on the spiritual, psychological and sex energy. Ideal colours for the bedroom would be a harmony of warm and cool colours. The cooler colours of blues, greys, and lavenders could be well balanced using the warm colours of pink, white, and yellow. Given that resting is a yin action, you will need to steer clear of noisy and overwhelming colours, but including a little red, the colour of heat and love can do miracles for your bedroom.

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Elegant Prize for HGTV Urban Oasis 2012 Winner

The very thought of living in a lavish dwelling with tropical weather can sound unrealistic. HGTV has helped make that thought realistic by giving one person the chance to win a $900,000 condominium in South Florida. Paramount Bay, a 555 feet tall complex has 47 stories each with extravagant units. The unit that will be given to the future habitant will be on the 20th floor.

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Community Gardens are Vital for Residents’ Wellbeing

Perhaps there’s no better time of year to talk about gardening than at harvest time – the time of year when Scotts Community Gardens Celebrate Harvest Season. Found all throughout the U.S. Canada and Europe, Scotts community gardens provide fresh produce to families who have little to no access to fresh foods.

 Scotts Community Gardens 1 580x385 Community Gardens are Vital for Residents’ Wellbeing

Community gardens are vital for a number of reasons. First, community gardens supply potential gardeners with garden plots, water and educational resources for very low cost. Most gardeners pay less than $50 per year for their plot, which pays for water, fencing and maintenance of the common grounds. Not only do the gardeners themselves benefit from fresh produce and lower grocery bills, the community benefits as well. As part of the bargain, gardeners pledge to donate a portion of their harvest to local food pantries. (more…)

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