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Feng Shui Horoscope – 4 pillars of destiny

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Is a technique of reconciliation and fitting in the energy in your house to pull in good luck and abundance to your life. At that place are a lot of different and simple methods in which you are able to balance the energy in your house. My destination in life is to eliminate a few of the mystery surrounding these old methods to assure that everybody could benefit from the positive life enhancements that this masterpiece can bring. Here are some  tips:

One of the tools that Consultants apply and refer to is something called the 4 Pillars of Destiny. By realising your own personal 4 Pillars of fortune we could guarantee that your own personal energies can relate to the energies in your home. We could as well assess whether you’ve any of the 5 elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water missing in your own energy so that we know whether this factor needs to be increased in your home.

The term 4 pillars of destiny looks up to your personal horoscope which is derived from the year, month, daytime and hour of your birth. You have a year pillar, a month pillar, a day pillar and an hour pillar. In all of these pillars you have two numbers, one which is your personal branch number and one which is your subjective stem number. Subjective branch numbers could be any number between one and twelve and relate to the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. In addition to having a year animal you’ll as well have a month animal, a day animal and an hour animal.

As branches refer to the zodiac animals, stems link up to one of the 5 factors and canful be any number between 1 and 10. Each of the 5 elements have a yin side and a yang side. The board under shows the numbers as they relate to both the branch animals and the stem elements.


1. Rat (water)
2. Ox (earth)
3. Tiger (wood)
4. Hare (wood)
5. Dragon (earth)
6. Snake (fire)
7. Horse (fire)
8. Sheep (earth)
9. Monkey (metal)
10. Rooster (metal)
11. Dog (earth)
12. Boar (water)


1. Wood (yang)
2. Wood (yin)
3. Fire (yang)
4. Fire (yin)
5. Earth (yang)
6. Earth (yin)
7. Metal (yang)
8. Metal (yin)
9. Water (yang
10. Water (yin)

To produce your subjective horoscope, and your 4 pillars of destiny reading you want to know not just the year, month and day of your birth but also the hour of your birth. Once you’ve identified your 4 pillars, you are able to assess your reading to see whether the factors provide balance to your life. The ideal reading would be one in which every last of the elements are represented and no one element overcomes the others. In a not so perfect world you’ll have a reading where one or a lot of the elements isn’t represented and you’ll therefore want to enhance this element in your home if you want to gain succeeder in the region of your life which the element represents.

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